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Globalization and technological innovations have expanded the realm of outsourcing projects from traditional services like HR, technology, and accounting to more dynamic ones like healthcare, travel & tourism, and media. A global outsourcing service provider needs to have an urge for creating profitable avenues which can add value to the core business.

It is imperative to have an outsourcing service provider to work as a Business Operation Partner to loop in professional edge. There are some credibility’s they need to possess in order to ensure that their services are apt enough to add value to the core business of the client.

Scalability “Outsourcing companies need to keep themselves ready to handle the workload. The scalability of an outsourcing service provider ensures that the client only pays for what he avails. It prevents from unnecessary staffing to handle the time-bound peak volume, by making optimum use of resources. Moreover, the business saves the training cost on peripheral operations.

The degree of scalability of the vendor influences the decision to choose the services to be outsourced. Technological know how and understanding of business requirements with the right tools and applications are important virtues of the service provider. The vendor must follow the methodological approach in setting up the processes and should have an understanding of various business domains. A trained and experienced team ensures professionalism.  The right blend of people and processes empowered with technology offers optimized solutions.

Expandability “ Ability to accommodate additional capacity as quickly as possible is the must have capability of an outsourcing service provider. Expandability is determined by the readiness of the service provider in setting up beyond its current capacity. Considering the technological advancement which has made connecting and collaborating easier with people all over the world, the service provider should be chosen depending on the performance rather than location. 

Flexibility “It is important to understand the business dynamics and be well-equipped to cope-up with the changes of the business environment as quickly as possible. Flexibility should be demonstrated in the business policies and work hours as per the business requirement which allows maximum productivity . It also includes allocating the processes as per the requirement to ensure high-quality output.

Proactivity “Anticipating the business needs and being prepared for the same in one of the important aspect of the business service provider. It allows the business to lay back and master their core expertise, while their operational activities are taken cared by the expert. The service provider can analyze the business dynamics and work towards innovation for better productivity and performance improvement. 

Five Splash offers configurability as per the business requirement and customized and tailored solution as per the processes. It allows business to get over the concern about the operation outsourcing the non-functional aspects of their business.
It ensures thorough alignment of the process and the work-flow by considerable collaboration and cooperation.

Five Splash partners with businesses to provide end-to-end business process services with domain expertise, well-trained team and the latest technological support to transform businesses through a combination of technology and operations. It provides backend as well as voice support services to the customers within and outside India. The scope of work includes Document Management, Back Office & Data Entry, Scanning & Digitization, Application Development and Call Centre Services.