Strong insights drive experience

Many frontend actions are driven by strong back office. We power you to deliver more.

Back office Support

Enables business to concentrate on their core competencies.

With focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve efficiencies across the organisation, there is a strong need for the AI/ML systems to work effectively. We provide strong back office support services to enable our clients to deliver accurate experience. We power organisations to build relevant AI driven systems, with efficient data annotation and product/object attribution setting, validations of machine recognitions, to name a few. Similarly, for machine learning, the machine training data and regular training is critical. We work with our clients to provide our services to ensure that machines are trained effectively and accurately.

In addition to AI/ML enablement, we provide bespoke back office support activities including accounts and finance management services, like bookkeeping, invoices processing, accounts payable and receivable, data digitalisation, claims and policy processing for healthcare and insurance industry, orders processing for retail and e-commerce companies, cataloging, etc

If your business has any back office need, be it finance, operations, order management, logistics, etc, reach out to our expert team today. We process more than 150,000 back office transactions on a daily basis.

The work scope of our back office services includes:

  • Data Processing
  • Data Entry
  • Data Conversion
  • Customer Care Support
  • Inbound & Outbound Calls
  • HR Functions
  • Managing Accounting Functions
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Technical Support
  • Pre Sales Queries
  • Order processing and feedback
  • Complaints and Grievance handling

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