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Virtual Accounting Management

Most small and medium organisations face challenges in their accounting and finance management processes. Accountants and finance professionals are burdened with the responsibility of streamlining processes, optimising expenditures, and maintaining compliance. And, smaller organisations can not afford dedicated accounting professionals, leading to delays and thus leakages.

Through our virtual accounting solution, we are focused on working with smaller companies, who just need to push their accounts payable/receivable/expenses etc through to our cloud. Our remote accounts processing platform being developed is integrated with leading accounting platform TALLY. Now, just push all your accounting related data to us, and we would act as your remote accountant, process entire data, and push it back to your Chartered Accountant office. Leveraging our accounting solution and pay-as-you-go (per transaction) services model, we thereby improve our clients’ financial agility through timely processing and thus giving better visibility, which can positively impact the revenue growth.


We provide industry specific accounting solutions based on our past experiences and expertise. We ensure that accounting services are in compliance with statutory and regulatory framework as desired by our clients.

Our 24*7 services complimenting our systems, enable us to respond to your queries in almost real time. Do reach out to us for your accounting needs.

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