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We simplify and expedite data digitalisation services with Accuracy.

Document Management

We ensure that we provide 99%+ accuracy, basis service level agreements. Five Splash has been providing comprehensive document management services for the last 10years. We provide document management, digitisation, scanning, data conversion, indexing, and archiving services. Our integrated service delivery model enables our clients to be quick wrt integration of data into their core business system while being cost-efficient.

We provide digitalisation services on client’s system or our in-house platform, integrating with the client systems in real time. Once the data is accurate and is in the system, we look at providing actionable insights to the clients.

Why outsource document management services from Five Splash?

  • 10 years of experience in document management
  • Provide accurate, reliable, secured, and timely service
  • Our system supports real-time search and retrieval
  • Offering storing, metadata, transmission, security, and versioning of documents
  • Cloud-based automated systems to support speedy and efficient workflow
  • Stringent quality measures to ensure optimum readibilty of data.
  • Our processes comply with industry standards and ensures data protection and environmental legislation
  • Complete control and easy access to information
  • Improved result with OCR or ICR
  • Digital accessibility with MIS reporting
  • Supports a wide range of raw data & file formats for digitization & conversion
  • Team of experienced and professional expertise who supervise the workflow throughout to maintain the quality standards

Our years of experience and in-depth knowledge in this services is enabling us to provide streamlined and simplified process of document management. We understand how important are these files to our clients. Thus, we provide safe environment for managing their documents. We work under transparent system to gain mutual trust between us and our clients.

Our services include

  • Document Management: It includes capturing, retrieval, and storage of documents.
  • Document Scanning: We scan the document and save it in an image format using high-end Flatbed scanners.
  • Document Conversion: We convert wide range of files into digital formats like .TXT, .XML, .PDF, .DOC, .HTML, .XLS, .DOCX, .XLSX, .JPEG, .GIF, .TIFF, etc.
  • High speed leased line as well as RF links for uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Document Indexing: It arranges the file components according to different data fields
  • Document Archiving: We remove files and data that are no longer actively used and transform streams of documents into business ready data.

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